Career day brings people with various jobs to Amani to describe opportunities



AMANI — Career day came into the spotlight at Amani Public Charter School students Jan. 29, as numerous employees and managers arrived in the building to talk about themselves and their jobs.

A few Amani Universe reporters and student government members came together in the third floor conference room to meet Lindsey Davis from ABC News and have the opportunity to ask her questions.

Davis told the students about how she rose to the top and how she has begun to push herself even further. She said she enjoyed how interactive the students were, including Madisyn Pool, a fifth  grader who was quick to answer questions with great energy.

With the introduction of career day, many students were overflowing with questions: Did your dreams change over time? If you could change anything in the past, would you? And one of the more frequent ones, why did you choose this job?

Presenters’ answers included it was interesting, fun or they had a great passion to help others.